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2015-12-22 18:05:51 by dangodarn

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So your most likely here 'cause I sent you a PM, at least that is the intended reason for this post, but if your here on your own volition then feel free to send me a PM if this project interests you and you'd like to help out! :)

I'll start off by saying, these are not paid positions, I'm a student and this is a student project! I'm opening up this project to Newgrounds because I know there's a hell of a lot of talented folk on here that could be interested in the project.

What is Gingerbread?

Gingerbread, is the project name of an 11 minute pilot cartoon about a karate master gingerbread man and his creepy acoplises Arthur and sister (pictured in the banner above) and their adventures in a mysterious victorian era town, hidden in the vast English countryside. The town is teaming with monsters new and old, from a Frankenstein-esque evil baker to misunderstood marshmellowy aliens living in the forest!

Who's working on it so far?

As mentioned, this is a university project (in the practical sense) so I am working on it with fellow classmates, 2-3 animators and a writer at this stage. Though there will be enebitabley more animators once we hit production after Christmas (15.)

What's been done so far?

By the time of writing we've written the story, preparing to addapt for script, and we have mock designs for the main characters, as well as rough walk cycles and other tidbits. Though by the time of reading we could be much further into the production stage, this post will be up a while!

What's the timescale?

I've given ourselves a large ammount of time to complete this animation, though understandable by the scale. Production will begin around mid January. Due to this being a part time project (though currently I'm treating it in higher regard than any job/university work) we have until May of 2017 to finish the animation. So a long time! I will revisit this once I get a better grasp of the workload.

What roles are there?

Call to Action

Come work with us! I've probably scouted you for one of the above roles, if not get in touch and I'll better describe the sort of work I'd like you to work on and the ammount/timescale.

Why work with us?

Well I'm a big thinker, and I'm thinking I want to submit this thing we're creating to some animation networks such as Turner's Cartoon Network and Fred Seibert's Frederator, and I'd like to develop a strong studio before that through this project!

There's also a possibility of Kickstarting/Crowdfunding this venture, which I'm actually more attracted to in order to keep more control over the content and studio posibilities.

Thanks! - follow if you like, I'll be updating to my blog on NG pretty often with video tests, odd jobs and what not.

Adam Smith

Animation, or amination as I like to call it, is super hard and time consuming. Directing on the other hand is alot of fun, there's a thousand more things to do, but the freedom to jump between each task is really appealing to me... bananna.

There's also a practical point to this post, that nobody will read most likely, voice actors! I wanna get your opinion on the character's voices and maybe also audition for them. Here's some character descriptions...


Ril Hooman - Good guy monster -Extremely tall 10ft monsters.

Not much is know about the Hoomans, They have a distinct alien look. They wear human clothes and live in the woods, scaring off anyone who believes them to not be human. On the other hand if you do believe, or pretend to believe they are human they are very welcoming and curious as they themselves want to be humans. A typical sentence they would say would be: “Hello Hooooman I’s Ril Hooman, I is hooman like you’ in a doofy manner, but cute and harmless. Contrasting that, when they’re angry (see image 3) they become larger, glow gree from their angry eyes and jagged mouth and scream in a booming voice.

Note: His name really is Ril. Hooman. - AKA real Human.

Voice: Goofy doofy fun, then contrasting angry deep but still mispronounced words.

Castle Hat Man - Tragic side character.

Just a dumb character that dances around with a castle on his head singing sings, but tragic things happen to him in kinda hilarious ways. Like his castle hat daughter dying, then afterwards he’ll walk off and sing his Castle Hat song is a sad manner. Potential side character, not very important.

Voice: Free range really - all for the joke so whatever’s funniest !

Gingerbread (/Ned) - Protagonist - Wise-Old-Man character.

The second half of the protagonist duo, gingerbread was created by Frank Cushing in his laboratory, due to a mishap involving the changing of channels to a old black and white karate movie, gingerbread came out with the spirit of a karate warrior. Due to his sentience and nimble parkour skills he managed to escape. He has a verging on racist Japanese/Chinese voice depending on which sounds better!

Voice: Chinese/Japanese - try a few takes that are more subtle and some super racist - try find a balance. Immagine a character out of a karate movie, where the lips don’t match the voice. I’m thinking of adding Chinese/Japanese subtitles to what he say’s just as a design choice/ thought it might be funny.

Old Man - Side Character.

I don’t know where I’m going to go with this character, he’s just a guy that looks on at the protagonists from afar and is a little creepy - I see him being a part of a bigger picture maybe once I start writing the series.

Vice: Creepy, old, lurker, maybe kinda like Zach’s voice from Sleepycabin, free range though really - this character isn’t really important.

Frank Cushing - Villain - Frankenstein-esque.

This guy is the antagonist, a creepy agoraphobic who creates creepy monsters to hunt down Gingerbread whom he also created, Gingerbread’s the only creature he’s created that is sentient.

He’s based on Peter Cushing, a guy who played Frankenstein in an old movie.

Voice: I don’t have much direction on this one, old guy, angry sound, british accent, see the movie he played Frankenstein in for more direction or have a go at something yourself :)

Arthur - Protagonist - Wise-Old-Man character.

He’s a clear little 10 year old with the voice of an old man. Is he possessed by the spirit of an old man or just highly intelligent? Nobody really knows - he’s just one creepy half of our protagonist duo. Brutally honest, quick witted but still young at heart some how.

Voice: So I imagine him having a monotone John Hurt type voice.


I realise there no context but Fu- ank you for reading.


PS. This might just be a character description dump and not actually a post - HAHA !

I suppose I'll write my first entry then

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This is my third attempt at a username, I kept fucking up the process by choosing dumb names like MakrO0o or custurdh. Dangodarn ain't great but it's the best my brain could do with intense exposure to grump.

I done wrote a script for a pokemon parody and I'm working on it with a great team! Hopefully I'll release it within the next two months. I might update the blog when I get into the actual animation.

I'm enjoying working with so many voice actors and music peeps, and I enjoy the collaboration aspect of NewGrounds in general; so if you want me in on your sexy project, get in touch!

Butt yup, this was a hello, so hi! ... idk